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Vrtačnik Ana was born in 1991. in Yugoslavia. She is curently living and working in Novi Sad where she has recently finished her doctoral theses exploring the transformation of biomorphic forms into a highly evocative and tactile work of art.


Unique painting-objects she creates, emphasising the texture, light and movement, are at the same time expresive and minimal, beautiful in its simplicity, yet full of emotion. The materials she uses are completely ecollogical because she works mostly with felt and wool that she gets from local shepherds. All her works are handmade with a huge help from her family and the local community


Current Exhibitions

Through touch
24. november 2023. - 19. january 2024.

Contemporary Gallery

Ferenc Rajhl park 5, Subotica, Serbia

Curator Tamara Kucor, Art historian

Games, Planes and Soft Oppenings
8. november 2023. - 20. december 2023.

Ernst Higler NEXT Gallery ( represented by Bel Art Gallery)

Absberggasse 27, Vienna, Austria

Curators Aleksandra Lazar and Hektor Peljak

Tactile Hybrids
1. june 2022. - 18. june 2022.

X Vitamin Gallery in collaboration with Bel Art Gallery

Resavska 19, Belgrade, Serbia

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