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Visual Artist


Ana Vrtačnik is a contemporary artist who lives and creates in Novi Sad, Serbia. She completed her Bachelor and Master studies of Painting at the Department of Fine Arts at the Academy of Art in Novi Sad. She is currently working on her doctoral theses about bio-mimetic formations and its applicability in visual arts. 

By now she has had solo and group exhibitions, collaborations and publications with different artists, curators, institutions and galleries all over the world (China, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, the United States, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Spain…). 

Artist's statement / Tactile Dialogues

How do we choose our specific material, our means of communication? Accidentally? Or maybe they choose us? Something provokes us over time, addresses us in a specific way, whether it is a sound, touch, smell, hardness or softness, fascinates us and requires us to shape ourselves and shape it. In the process, we slowly find our language and as creators we are constantly involved in a dialogue with our medium. In my case, I was caught by the threads, really against my will. Working with threads seemed too soft, too sensitive. I wanted to create something strong! But circumstances trapped me in threads, completely entangled me, and eventually completely won me over. I learned to listen to them and speak their language. The encounter with one's own part took place in an integral way, where creation was understood as a form of thinking, the material became a substitute for emotion and idea, and tactility became my medium of communication. The sensibility and intimacy of the soft materials thus revealed itself to me as a strength, not a weakness.

Richly textured surfaces, with reminiscence of organic forms, are created by a difficult and long-lasting energetic process of rubbing and kneading woolen fibers until they merge into one piece. Each work is eventually transformed into a unique piece of art, a hybrid of painting and sculpture. "Tactile dialogues" thus speak of the newly discovered freedom with which I moved between different media, of unexpected and symbolic textile applications, of tactility, attractiveness and aversion, but also of creating art that provokes with its softness and vitality.


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